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When Fashion Meets Fantasy

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

When fashion meets fantasy, you are guaranteed to find extraordinary imagination, inspiration, dedication, creation and passion. Perhaps most importantly, you will find treasure boxes with memories hidden inside, the very fond memories which we have carried along since childhood.

The fantasy world is a parallel universe we have all entered once when we were young and dared, but it has been abandoned and forgotten by many of us as our practical knowledge of the physical world expands. Only the lucky ones still know how to travel between both worlds.

Those cartoons we have seen, those games we have played, and those characters we have been friends with -- when these memories are unlocked and fly out of the box, they always do their magic and put a smile on our faces.

We might call it love, and it is not constrained by any boundaries -- countries or culture, time or space, as it flows deeply and universally.

For this year's Comic Con London, thousands came to celebrate and many talented arty minds designed and tailored their own costumes. They have invited their beloved fictional characters to visit our present world for a wonderful day. These inspirations still linger in our minds.

Here is a collection of some of the looks.

And many many more ...

As our dreams often start with fantasies and then gradually turn into something big, Fashionbrew has chosen to start its journey from the fantasy world and would like to carry these inspirations into its future endeavours.

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