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Bon Appétit


"Bon Appétit"

Designer: Phoenix Li Wu


The collection “Bon Appétit” from fashion designer Phoenix Li Wu is about feasting.

In her definition, "feasting is the moment when a spectacle is cut into tiny bits, and served to flabbergasted guests."

With her work in this collection, the designer intends to create an event, an unexpected birthday party where the audience are invited to witness a surrealistic parade, walking down by characters where you cannot tell whether they are human or food, in this immersive show that blends the real and the fake and the in-betweens.

Those who have just come from the Mad Hatter's tea party in wonderland will now find themselves deeper down the rabbit hole.


Starter - "the Daughter"



Seafood - "the Mother"

& Wine - "the Gent"



Dessert - "the Cake"



With Homage to "the Host"



Full Catwalk



Behind the Scenes


Lookbook of a finished garment.

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Designer's sketchbook for the collection.


Interview with the Designer


Could you tell us a bit about your background?

I was born and raised in China before I came to London for foundation education in 2014. Since then London has been the city I spend most time with.

How did you get interested in fashion design and print design in particular?

I became interested and started learning art when I was little. I had an aunt who was a fashion designer, I adored her a lot and I guess that’s why I wanted to be a fashion designer. Also she was the one who told me CSM was the top fashion school. So I just decided to start the foundation course in fashion design here. Then during the one year foundation course, after a few projects and more knowledge about BA fashion pathways (as I only knew womenswear before), I decided print was the one that was most suitable for me.

What are the most important things you learned at Central Saint Martin?

I think the most important things are to be determined and eager about expressing your ideas. So many things can be changed during the process, but the original motivations and such eagerness shall not be forgot. Plus, being hard-working is essential—here’s a bit to confess: I didn’t learned it until my final year.

What are the challenges of your creative process? 

Still the same thing: to be determined about what I really wanted to do. On one hand I’m quite stubborn and one-track minded that I don’t usually make changes, on the other hand tutors opinions can affect me easily and make me indecisive. To balance between these two situation was quite struggling during my final project. I guess after my graduation the main challenge will be changed to my procrastination.

What are the areas you would like to explore in your future projects?

In the final project I find set design a very fascinating area for me. And I’ve always had interests in theatre design. I guess I’ll stop making clothes for a while, and see what I can do in those areas. Also I need to start drawing again.

*Images of this article are credited to Phoenix Li Wu.

For curious readers who are interested in discovering more work from her, please visit her website and insta listed below.


Phoenix Li Wu

insta: @hugebirdmonster 

Past Experience

  • BA Fashion Print, Central Saint Martin, London

  • Design internships in Aitor Throup, London

  • Giles Deacon, London

  • Mintdesigns, Tokyo


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